Excerpt: Eros the Aegean Chronicles-Amber Loses Her Soul

Meet my side character, Amber.

Amber Damber is just your local DJ who airs every day, from five to eleven. She, unfortunately, is the spitting image of one said ancient Greek princess. There is a lot more to learn about this young lady, but that will be for another day and another novel.
For now, take a peek at what she has to go through in Eros the Aegean Chronicles. Book Two of my Greek Mythology/Romance series.

~Suddenly, Amber felt a squeezing of her insides, there was an inner tugging and struggle going on inside her body and she couldn’t say a word. The scream she had fought so hard to hold back, came bursting out of her. Only, her body didn’t respond to the request.

She looked down at herself and saw that her body seemed to have an imaginary rope wrapped around her and it was trying to yank her out of the chair, but the physical and invisible bindings kept her seated.

Her chest and torso stretched outward with each tug to slam back against the chair several times. Finally, she could feel an inner tearing. It wasn’t painful. She could feel something of herself separating from her physical body and it continued until her soul was yanked out and Amber found herself floating in the air above her body.


Eros is available now at your local Amazon.com. To learn more, click this link


Thank you and I hope you enjoy.


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