Excerpt: Triton, God of the Sea Vs. Clytius, Titan of the Sea #ASMSG

For you reading pleasure 😉 here is a short excerpt on how bad-ass Triton “Taz” Abyssoss really is:

Taz forged ahead to confront Clytius, the leader of the Gnat’s maritime force. Clearly, Clytius didn’t understand the meaning of the word defeat. George and the Tritones handled the rest, while he faced this underwater porcupine. “Cletus, what did I tell you about messing with my property and my people?”

Taz held in both hands a swirling ball of oceanic water mixed with sharp pieces of coral while waiting for an answer.

The elder deity frowned at Taz’s deliberate mispronunciation of his name. “Listen up, sonny boy! This here belongs to my family and me. You Olympians think you are so big and bad. What gives you the right to take this world and keep it for yourselves? Who do you think you are, making all the rules for everyone?”

Clytius’ bottom half of his body formed the tail of a seahorse, the end curling and uncurling with his movements. Taz didn’t miss the slight motion of Clytius’s hand that caused a rumbling vibration in the sea bottom directly below him.

“We didn’t take anything. You and your family decided that destroying was better than maintaining. Wasn’t it you that caused the great flood eons ago, just because you thought there were too many mortals?” Taz kept his eye on any other movements Clytius made and kept his spheres at the ready.

“So what, there were too many. Because you stopped us from finishing them off, they are now overrunning the place. The herds of merpeople could take a permanent vacation as well. Why do you even care what happens? It is not as if they worship us anymore, to them we do not exist except in storybooks. What do you say, we stop fighting each other and go knock some heads and get rid of some folks. It’ll be nothing new for them, they all end up dying anyway.”

The rumbling continued to increase below Taz and he said one more thing before it erupted, “You have always been an asshole Cleofus and I know damn well that if I agreed, you would annihilate the ones you wanted and then would try and go for the Olympians next. You really need to get over yourselves. There is enough room in this world to share and no need to get rid of anyone, but you people are too selfish and keep thinking about how things were in the old days. Well those days are gone and you need to get with the times or I’m gonna keep kicking your ass and throwing you under a rock every chance I get.”


Not just a fighter, but a lover…read more of his exploits in my first novel, TRITON the AEGEAN CHRONICLES

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