Zephyrus Rescues Gail! Eros the Aegean Chronicles #ASMSG

Kalimera, Greek mythology lovers!

You were first introduced to the god of West Wind, Zephyrus, and you have met Gail “Ice” Patterson in Triton the Aegean Chronicles. There’s more about them in this short excerpt from Eros the Aegean Chronicles.

Well, these guys have sort of a fire and ice relationship and here’s a little taste.


Zeke easily located his target in an empty building that was located in downtown Miami. Inside, the faded colors of blue and peach paint peeled from the walls.

Sand and dirt covered old, worn out office furniture and the floors. Due to the building’s abandonment, there was no air condition, so the air was heavy with moisture and heat. Zeke landed with one hand and one knee on the ground behind the perpetrators. His descent produced a cloud of dust that shot out from him in all directions. He looked up to view two men standing over a very agitated Gail, who was too busy cussing them out to notice that Zeke was behind them.

He zapped them with a lightning bolt that catapulted the two idiots away from Gail, who struggled with the rope that enveloped her arms and torso.

After watching the idiots smack into the worn and faded wall, dust covered Gail, turned back to Zeke. “It’s about time you got here, what took you so long?” She blew bits of dirt out of her mouth while whipping her braids that came out of her ponytail, back from her face.

Zeke should have known that Gail wasn’t going to be happy he was her rescuer. Still, she could have at least been a little grateful. After all, he did come to save her. “I come to your rescue and that’s the first thing you’ve got to say to me?” Without taking his eyes off Gail, Zeke reached out and blasted his brothers again as they protested and scrambled to get back on their feet “Sit down and shut up! I’ll deal with you in a minute.

“Now, back to you my dear. Don’t you have something that’s a little nicer to say to me?”

Gail stopped struggling and looked up at the man she just found out was a Greek god, “Look pal, I don’t care that you are some supreme being and have powers and all that jazz. You are still the asshole I met at the bar.”

Zeke’s story and adventures will be coming soon. For now, you can see and read more about him and Gail, along with Eros and Sindi’s story.

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