The Power of Poser: 3D Character and Art Animation Software #ASMSG

If you have been following my progress on writing, you’d have noticed that my artwork changes frequently. (hopefully for the better 😉 )

I’ve always envisioned my characters and because I can’t draw worth a darn, I resorted to finding other means in bring my peeps to life. My first attempt at drawing by hand was so…let’s just say, no. Then I found Second Life. It was cool, I could map out the general physical look of Triton, so it was a start.

Next came Poser, introduced to me by a great author, Shannon McRoberts. Click on her name to learn more about her. She’s so creative.

If you have a wild imagination and need to find a way to make them visible for everyone to see, check out Poser by SmithMicro or Daz3D Studio. You can make anything come true using these programs. From people to fantasy pics, like mermaids, monsters, city-scapes and natural habitats. You can even make animation (I haven’t gotten that far yet).

Just click the names and it will take you to their respective sites.

As for the power of Poser, you can see the difference between my Triton “Taz” Abyssos.


Triton~Second Life



Triton~Poser 10


As you can see, I love this program and I am busy learning how to navigate Daz3d. If you have questions and want to know more, leave a comment below 🙂


Thanks for checking my post and have a great day!


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  1. Yep, you can certainly tell a difference between the Second Life image and the Poser render. I like how you posed the hair in the Poser render, though I can see where a few strands of hair seem to go “into” his right shoulder (your left, looking at him). His eyes and nails also seem a little too bright in the Poser render, but at least his eyes aren’t green like they are in the Second Life image. 🙂 The lighting and the background in the Poser render are nice.

    There are so many details to keep in mind when you put together a Poser or DAZ scene, it can be a lot of work to get a scene “right.” But we’ll both keep practicing, and we’ll both get better. If you have any questions about DAZ, I might be able to help. There’s a lot to it, as you’ve seen, and a bunch that I still don’t know, even though I’ve been playing with DAZ now for over three years. Good luck with your renderings!

    • Thanks, Michael. I really have to get better at noticing those small details. That the one thing that I have a problem with when it comes to the hair…moving it the way I want. I look back at my older works and yes, with practice it’s gotten a lot better.
      I appreciate you wanting to help with Daz. I tried following the tutorials and it’s not as easy. I should have started there first, then work with Poser 😛

  2. You’re style is unique! <3

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