Excerpt Saturday: Sindi Carrington’s Epiphany #ASMSG #GreekMyths

From Eros, the second novel in my Aegean Chronicles series. Sindi Carrington has gone through a lot of stress. Kidnapped, sexed by the former god of love, and meeting the one person she only knew from a past life.

As Taz was speaking, Sindi sat up with a loud gasp. Which inadvertently knocked the slumped body of Erok to the side. “Erok, no!” She yelled as her eyes opened. Still dazed, it took her a few seconds to recognize her surroundings, who the people sitting and standing around her were, and why Erok was laying next her. Once she got her bearings, her first thought was to Erok’s wellbeing.

“Erok, wake up.” She shook his shoulder. He was still in his god form and she failed to notice that her own skin tone was different, so focused on her beloved. When he didn’t move, she looked around at the people staring at her. “What’s happened, why won’t he wake up?” Taz, Ari, Gail and Zeke sat in the sand, each one had a surprised look on their face. “Why are you guys staring at me? Say something.” She turned her head and saw three old women standing over her and Erok. Sindi immediately recognized the one who insulted her. “I’ll worry about you later.” She growled at Atropos.

Sindi rolled Erok to his back, his raven wings spreading out to accommodate him. She placed both hands on his face and gave him a little shake. “Erok baby, wake up. You weren’t supposed to give up your life.” She checked for a pulse and saw that his chest rose and fell with each breath. Turning back to her friends, she cried, “He won’t wake up.”

Zeke crawled over while Taz put a hand out to Ari and Gail to keep them from embracing Sindi. “Hold on just a minute, ladies. Let Zeke find out what’s going on.”

The Fates kept quiet as Zeke placed a hand over Erok’s heart. First, his eyes closed then widened in surprise. He gave a sharp look to Taz and Ari, both letting out an astonished gasp. Zeke smiled at Sindi, “Well, well, well. Erok has some serious balls. Congratulations, Sindi.”

With a small jerk of his head, Taz gestured for Gail and Ari to go to their friend. “Ari will explain everything.”

Sindi was becoming frantic, “Explain what? All I care about right now is if Erok’s alright.” Gail looked just as puzzled as Sindi when Ari stood and pulled them both away from the group.

Ari was smiling with tears in her eyes. “Erok is fine, he’s just resting right now. It’s not every day a Greek God splits his immortality with another.”

“What do you mean?”

Thanks for checking out my post and I hope you enjoyed this short, little excerpt.

If you want to learn more and see what happens to Erok and Sindi…you can find their story at the nearest book site near you.

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