Excerpt Wednesday: Would you give your life for the one you love? #ASMSG #GreekMyths

Scene from Eros the Aegean Chronicles: There are times when an immortal has a choice on whether to continue to exist or give up their immortality for the ones they  love.

The god of love himself, has such a decision to make.

He prayed he was getting through to her, so he continued. “What about your work? Photography is your passion, if you stay, the human world won’t miss out on one of its greatest photographers. Please, fight, don’t leave, I need you to live, Sindi.” He grabbed her by the shoulders and gave her a little shake. “You have to live!”

Sindi, started to turn back toward the light. Erok pleaded again. “Please, Sindi, in this lifetime, in this century, you have so much potential. There is more for you to do.” He was losing her. “Do you know how much you’re going to piss off Ari and Gail if you don’t fight this?”

There was something that he wasn’t saying that would get her to come back. Erok wasn’t sure what else, he was running out of options. “If not for them, then do it for me. I love you, Sindi Carrington and I need you. I don’t want to wait centuries for you to come back to me. I want you here, now.”

The spirit of Sindi, stepped up to him, waiting…expecting.

“As the God of Love, I never expected to find it for myself. I was too embarrassed to embrace what I was born to be. I let what other people say dictate my actions and my heart.” Tears sprung in his eyes, he laughed without humor. “I even quit my job, of all things. I have spent centuries trying to prove to the world and myself that I was not some namby-pamby punk that people could push around, tease and bully. I wanted to be the bad-ass and when someone said something disrespectful, I just kicked their ass.”

He sniffed and pushed the bangs away from her eyes, “When I was with you, I didn’t feel I had to be someone else. I could be…just me, not someone hiding behind a tough mask. I was a man in love.”

Erok’s cobalt, blue eyes bore into Sindi’s cerulean, “You have so much love to give and you have to stay to give what I couldn’t. Please, Sindi, if you love me at all, say you want to live and I will make it so.”

Tears flowed freely down Sindi’s cheeks, as she gave her consent to save her life. Erok gasped in joy and hugged her. Both their tears mingled as he clasped her neck and gave her a breathtaking kiss before he stepped back.

Erok’s hand reached for his chest.

Thanks for checking out my post and I hope you enjoyed this short, little excerpt.

If you want to learn more and see what happens to Erok and Sindi…you can find their story at the nearest book site near you.

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