What’s a Yelle

Well…that’s me! 

Here’s a tad bit about me and what I’m about.

I spent my summers in Pennsylvania visiting my grandmother as a child. She would always kick me out of the house so she could watch her soaps. Sitting on her steps dejected and bored, Grandma’s neighbor, Mrs. Williams, felt sorry for me and began giving me boxes of her old Harlequin romances. I would sit in a tree passing the time disappearing into the lives of rich men saving some poor woman. I discovered the world of Greek Mythology in Jr. High and the idea of adding the two together began to take form (except I had to empower the woman, no more “poor me” stuff).

Twenty years, a marriage, three rugrats and a trip to Greece finally brought to life my series,  “The Aegean Chronicles”. A mixing of cultures, humor, sadness and weird sex that takes you on an adventure. You’ll discover that relationships don’t have to follow the path everyone thinks they’re supposed to go.

Thanks for checking me out and I also have a few short stories for you, take a look at my book page and you’ll find there are freebies too!

Yelle Hughes

Yelle Takes ALS Challenge!

I found out an old high school friend of mine had been diagnosed with cancer during the time the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge was all over the news.

My son had been challenged and my entire graduation class had been challenged. I thought, why not deal with all at the same time.

These are great charities and if you have a loved one that has cancer or ALS, I encourage you to check out The American Cancer Society and The ALS Association to see how these organizations have helped thousands of people around the world.

Triton & Eros the Aegean Chronicles for sale! Enjoy!

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