Scenes and Excerpts from the Aegean Chronicles

I always try to visualize characters and their scenes of any book that I read.  As an author, it’s even more important that I create an image of my guys and what exactly their surroundings looked like.

On this page, here are a few excerpts and images, brought to life from the area in my head that’s a little off.

Please enjoy 🙂


King Acrisius Attempts Filicide

Danae & Perseus Confront Acrisius

Acrisius Begs Charon the Ferryman

Acrisius Bargains With Hecate...River Styx

Way To Break The Mood George

Ari Witnesses The Goofy

Ari & Friends Protect Each Other

Robert, U Idiot!

I Dream of Thee

No One Crosses Taz

Gods Can and Do...Die. Maybe

Sindi Trolls the Mohican Forest

Eros Falls Victim To His Own Curse

Triton & Eros the Aegean Chronicles for sale! Enjoy!

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