Kalimera, ladies and gentlemen.

I’m Reyna Pathos, and I write for Delfini Mesa Pelagos Magazine.

I have turned to interviewing authors because I was such a disaster talking to porn stars. Luckily, my boss didn’t fire me. I get somewhat personal when speaking (I tend to do that, so forgive me if I do it again.)

If luck is with me, I plan to expand my interviews on to others. But, I’ll stay away from porn stars…for now 😉

I’ve asked several of Yelle’s author buddies to do me a solid and answer a few questions I’m sure readers want to know.

For an unprofessional way NOT to give an interview, click here for my first unfortunate, but “Good Golly, Ms. Molly!” adventure with porn star, Branford Stevens.

Please give a warm welcome to the most wonderful guests in the world…

Click the author’s name to see what they have to say 🙂

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  2. Your website is unique, my dear. Amazing. 🙂

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