Authors’ Social Media Support Group

I am proud to be a member of ASMSG, or Authors’ Social Media Support Group. Founded by R. Grey Hoover to provide like-minded authors a network of diverse Social Media platforms from which to gain greater reach than each could accomplish alone.

We support each other’s event promotions, share experiences and triumphs, and learn from each other’s various experiences and knowledge.  Membership in ASMSG is by the invitation of the founder.

I provided a link if you are interested in becoming an author, or looking for some great information on the publishing world.

One of the great things about ASMSG…they give newbie authors a chance to be published with their amazing anthologies.

It definitely helps you get your feet wet.

Free Anthologies!

A World of Possibility

Read my short story, “The Unedited Interview With Brenford Stevens”. Click on image for free copy.

“I talk about…them, ask what do they like, do they like it soft in the beginning or do they like to take it hard. I have enough sway with the directors I work with, so I can push the direction of what type of sex we’re going to have.” ~Brendford

A World Of Romance

Read my short story, “Our Secret Fantasy”. Click on image for free copy.

“Keeping Fervid happy will take the both of you working together as a team. And if that means you need to spend after hours together, then that’s what you’ll have to do.” ~Mr. Steinmeld

A World Of Verse

Read my two short poems “Because Of You & The Essence Of  You”Click on image for free copy.

Triton & Eros the Aegean Chronicles for sale! Enjoy!

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