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I have been so privileged to join “Best Selling Author”, Janet Morris and her Hellions to bring forth the most incredible shared universe fantasy series of short stories, “HEROES IN HELL”.  

I even got my name on a Wiki Page! Whoo Hoo!!

“The shared world premise of Heroes in Hell (also called The Damned Saga) is that all the dead wind up together in Hell, where they pick up where they left off when still alive.” Source: Wikipedia

Essence Helliance

Inside, You’ll find my short story, “ESSENCE HELLIANCE”. Click image for copy.

Essence Helliance, located on the outskirts of Hell City. Medea, princess from Ancient Greece,  manages EH and her sole purpose is to recruit the damned to donate. Because they are not flesh and blood, their essence will do. Behind the scenes, Satan uses the center to gather the soul’s essence to strengthen his army to assault heaven’s gates.

“You only have one shot to screw this up.  One!  If the bottles are late… you bake.” ~Medea of Colchis

Red Tail's Corner

Inside, you’ll find my short story, “RED TAIL’S CORNER”. Click image for a copy.

Red Tail’s corner, stars the Greek playwright, Achaeus of Eretria, the Sphinx , Oedipus and his mother/wife, Jocasta.  The Greek god of wine and harvest, Dionysos, is taking time off from up top to run a poetry lounge in the newly rebuilt, New Hell City.  With drama, unique poems, and the atmosphere of a traditional poetry slam, find out who supports, who’s against and who’s working and recruiting for His Satanic Majesty.

“We don’t serve water here. You do realize this is Hell, right?” ~Dionysos

Red Tail's Corner Book Trailer

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