Fan Art

Asryni-Cursed Blood

This is Asryni. Character from. Cursed Blood (The Daughter of Ares Chronicles) Shannon McRoberts described her so perfectly, I had to make a fan pic. For more on Shannon and her other works, you can find her here.

His Satanic Majesty-Dreamer's in Hell

My interpretation of Lucifer or His Satanic Majesty, from the shared world fantasy series, Heroes in Hell

Sam Winchester *Supernatural*

Dean Winchester *Supernatural*

Beautiful Baby

John Winchester *Supernatural*

FanPic of the Essence Helliance Medical Crew

Aza Fana~Powerful Light


Star Trek


Pittsburgh Steelers

Detroit Pistons

Dallas Cowboys

Cleveland Cavaliers

Cleveland Browns

Cincinnati Bengals


Carolina Panthers

Lucifer on Fox ``The Fall``

Lucifer on Fox ``Faith``

Lucifer on Fox...``Leavin``

Raizo & Mika Ninja Assassin

Lucas From the Romance Book ``LUCAS``

Here is my version of Lucas, the hot Russian biker from the book, LUCAS, by author Karena Marie. Also the woman in the picture is female romantic lead, Karly. To learn more about Karena Marie, visit here.

Triton & Eros the Aegean Chronicles for sale! Enjoy!

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