Glossary of Terms and My Peeps

Aether [E-thar]: Protogenoi who is part of the Prota Ap’ola (first of all) Pantheon. 7’6” tall 350 lbs mocha colored skin Elemental male deity. Waist length black curly hair with bright green eyes.

Amour [uh-moor]: Replaced her brother Eros as the new goddess of Erotic Love and Beauty. 4’9” tall 96 lbs golden tanned Greek female deity. Waist length ash/blonde curly hair with azure-blue eyes. Golden lines can be seen swirling along her skin. C cup.

Amphytrite [am-fi-try-tee]: aka “Mrs. P”. Goddess-queen of the Sea. Mother of Triton and wife of Poseidon. 6’4” tall 180 lbs light blue skinned Greek female deity. Dark blue/green waist length wavy hair with sea green eyes. Blue and green lines can be seen swirling along her skin and has a multicolored dolphin tail. DD cups.

Aphrodite [af-ruh-die-tee]: Goddess of Love, mother of Eros and Amour. 5’1” tall 115 lbs golden tanned Greek female deity. Waist length golden blonde wavy hair with blue-blue eyes. Golden lines can be seen swirling along her skin. D cup.

Ares [air-eez]: God of War. Father of Eros Erok”. 6’7” tall 325 lbs darkly tanned Greek male deity. Bald with golden eyes. Black lines can be seen swirling along his skin. Had wanted his son to join his profession since the day his son was born but Cupid’s mother Aphrodite refused.

Astraeus [ah-stree-us]: Titan and astrological deity of stars and planets. Also, the father of the Anemoi.

Athena [uh-thee-nuh]: Goddess of Wisdom and War. 6’6” tall 190 lbs golden tanned Greek female deity. Military styled blonde curly hair with amber eyes. Black lines can be seen swirling along her skin. DD cup. She reveals a secret that turns a mortal’s world upside down.

Atropos [ah-troe-poes]: One of The Fates and the mean one.  In charge of cutting the thread of life when it was that person’s time to die. Old and wrinkly.

Boreas [bor-a-uhs] “Bory” Anatinazo [an-nah-tin-ah-zo]: Brother of Zephyrus and god of the north wind, reigns over cold winter air.

Charon [kair-uhn] (the ferryman): Ancient immortal boatman that carries the souls of the dead to their final destination, either Elysium (heaven) or Tartarus (hell). Will only give passage to those who have the correct coins to board his ferry. 35 lbs without his cloak.

Clotho [clah-tho]: One of The Fates. In charge of spinning the thread of life. Age: No one knows. Old and wrinkly.

Clytius [kli-te-uhs]: Leader of the Gigantes maritime forces. 8 feet tall 500 lbs, blue scaled skinned immortal male with the bottom half of a seahorse. Ridiculously long seaweed-green hair with white eyes. People cannot seem to pronounce his name right.

Crius [kre-us]: aka “Cree”. Titan who is part of the Megalos Pantheon.

Dionysus [die-uh-nah-suhs]: God of wine and fertility. Likes to party a lot.

Eros “Erok” Karlakos [kar-lak-os]: Former god of Love and second in command for the Olympus’s “KGA”. Human form: 6’4” tall 230 lbs, darkly tanned Greek male deity. Dark blonde fauxhawk with blue-blue eyes. Godly form: Gold skin that has darker golden lines swirling along his body with raven wings.

Eurus [ur-uhs] “Eury” Anatinazo [an-nah-tin-ah-zo]: Brother of Zephyrus and god of the east wind, reigns over warm rains. He is the gentlest of all four brothers.

George Karos [kair-os]: Immortal warrior and best friend of Taz, Zeke and Erok. Spends most of his time with Taz due to the ocean being his home. Human form: 6’3” tall 225 lbs, darkly tanned Greek immortal male. Slate grey hair in a stylish cut with dark grey eyes. Immortal form: Gray Bottle nosed dolphin. Ancient Greek name: Kyros Mydilios

Hades [hey-deez]: Lord of the Underworld, brother to Poseidon and Zeus. Resides in Tartarus. 7’3” tall 375 lbs, dark skinned Greek male deity. Coal black shoulder-length curly hair. Black eyes with red rings around the irises.

Hecate [huh-kah-tay]: Goddess of Death, Rebirth and Necromancy and has the power of reincarnation. 5’6” tall 120 lbs, pale skinned Greek female deity. Shoulder-length bob cut bright red hair with black eyes ringed with white. Red lines can be seen swirling along her skin. Flat-chested.

Hermes [her-meez]: Messenger of the gods. Carries souls to the River Styx to await Charon. 6’3” tall 190 lbs, dark skinned Greek male deity. Brown curly shoulder length hair with hazel eyes. White lines can be seen swirling along his skin. Always seen wearing a helmet and sandals with wings.

Lachesis [lah-seh-sis]: One of The Fates. In charge of measuring the length of time each person was given to live. Age: Who knows. Old and wrinkly.

Medusa’s [muh-doo-suh] Head: Hideous woman killed by Perseus. Anyone that looked upon her face turned to stone whether she was alive or dead. 23 inches tall 15 lbs, green scaled monstrous mortal female. Curly poisoned garter snake hair and she has startling blue eyes.

Menoetius [meh-ne-she-us]: aka “Manny”. Titan who is part of the Megalos Pantheon.

Notus [no-tuhs] “Notter” Anatinazo [an-nah-tin-ah-zo]: Brother of Zephyrus and god of the south wind and reigns over storms of late summer and autumn.

Paidia [pay-de-uh]: Minor goddess of play and amusement.

Poseidon [poe-si-duhn]: aka “Mr. P”. Lord of the Sea and father of Triton. 7 feet tall 300 lbs, blue skinned Greek male deity. Dark blue past-the-shoulder wavy hair with darker full beard and dark green eyes. Blue and black lines can be seen swirling along his skin and has the black tail of an undetermined sea creature.

Porphyrion [poor-fye-re-uhn]: Leader of the Gigantes Aeriform forces. 7 feet tall 325 lbs, green skinned immortal male. Bald head marked with a purple Mohawk and has purple eyes and green wings. Talks too much when fighting.

Triton-Taznikos [taz-nee-kohs] “Taz” Abyssos [ah-bee-sohs]: Warrior god of the sea and leader of the Daimone Tritones. Human form: 6’5” tall 240 lbs, darkly tanned Greek male deity. Blue/black shoulder length curly hair with dark green eyes. Godly form: Blue skin with silver lines can be seen swirling along his body and has the tail of a killer whale.

Zephyrus [zef-ear-uhs] “Zeke” Anatinazo [an-nah-tin-ah-zo]: God of the West Wind and leader of Olympia’s military called the “KGA”. Human form: 6’6” tall 250 lbs, darkly tanned Greek male deity. Military Ivy League hair-cut black with white streaks along the sides. Grey eyes with black rings around the irises. Godly form: Stormy grey skin with black lines can be seen swirling along his body.

Zeus [zoose]: King of the gods, the lord of thunder and ruler of the heavens. Brother to Hades and Poseidon. Resides on Mt. Olympus. 7’1” tall 350 lbs, golden skinned Greek male deity. Black and gray streaked shoulder length hair with full beard and sky-blue eyes.

Acrisius [uh-kris-se-us]: King of Argos. Reincarnated to become Caligula of Rome (see “Caligula” for description) and Chris Dugan (see “Chris Dugan” for description). Father of Danae of Ancient Greece, grandfather of Perseus and ancestor of Ariadne Phillips. 5’8” tall 300 lbs tanned Greek mortal male. Curly red hair with sky blue eyes.

Amber Damber: Radio DJ. Used to look exactly like the Ancient Greek Princess Psyche. 5’6” tall 115lbs. Tanned skinned Caucasian American mortal female with waist length dark auburn hair with light brown eyes. C cup.

Ariadne [air-e-odd-ne] “Ari” Phillips: Phlebotomist and descendant of Danae & Perseus. 5’6” tall 156 lbs caramel skinned African American mortal female. Dark brown over-the-shoulder length hair with hazel eyes. Medium build with D cups and has a nice ass.

Butch: aka “Bitch” Self-defense crash dummy volunteer. 6’2” tall 210 lbs. Tanned Caucasian American mortal male. Black short cropped hair with grey eyes.

Caligula [kuh-lig-u-luh] of Rome: Emperor of Rome. Reincarnated from the King of Argos, Acrisius and was brought back to life in the body of Chris Dugan in today’s time. 5’8” tall 350 lbs pale skinned Roman mortal male. Curly blonde hair with light blue eyes.

Chanel Phillips: Ariadne’s mother. 5’6” tall 150 lbs. Mocha skinned African American mortal with dark brown eyes.

Chris Dugan: Ancestor of Ariadne Phillips. Reincarnated from the King of Argos and Roman Emperor Caligula. 5’8” tall 275 lbs, medium skin-toned Caucasian American mortal male. Modern cut grey hair with light blue eyes.

Danae [dan-eye]: Daughter of King Acrisius and mother of Perseus. 5’”6 tall 156 lbs. Tanned skinned Greek mortal female. Over-the-shoulder curly red-brown hair with sky blue eyes.

Dido [die-doe]: Sister of ancient princess of Seriphos’ Psyche. Could almost be twins but her heart is black and evil. 5’6” tall 115 lbs. Tanned skinned mortal female with waist length dark auburn hair with light brown eyes.

Fred: Assistant male driver who was knocked in the head for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Gail “Ice” Patterson: Retired Marine and self-defense instructor. 5’7” tall 145 lbs milk chocolate skinned African American mortal female. Glossy black over-the-shoulder micro-braids with dark brown eyes. Medium muscular frame with C cups and has a nice ass. Mysteriously related to an Olympian.

Garrett Phillips: Ariadne’s father. Descendent of Danae’s line. 6’1” tall 190 lbs. Carmel skinned African American mortal with hazel eyes.

Jason Phillips: Ariadne’s brother. 5’8” tall 190 lbs. Mocha skinned African American mortal with dark brown eyes.

Julia Drusilla: Wife and sister to Roman emperor Caligula. 5’8” tall, medium skinned-toned Roman mortal. Waist length brown straight hair with brown eyes.

Marcellus Patterson: Retired Marine and Gail Patterson’s father.6’3” tall 210 lbs. Milk chocolate skinned African American male with brown eyes.

Perseus [purr-see-uhs]: Son of Danae and grandson of King Acrisius. 6 feet tall 180 lbs, darkly tanned Greek mortal. Below the ear curly black hair with hazel eyes.

Psyche [si-ke]: Mortal princess of Seriphos born in Ancient Greece. 5’6” tall 115 lbs. Tanned skinned mortal female with waist length dark auburn hair with bright, blue eyes.

Robert Benson: Ex-boyfriend turned stalker of Ariadne. 6’1” tall 195 lbs milk chocolate skinned African American mortal male. Bald head with dark brown eyes.

Sindi Carrington: Photographer, best friend to Ari and Gail. 5’4” tall 140 lbs bronze skinned mixed Native and African American mortal female. Black waist length wavy hair with bright, blue eyes. Small/medium build with C cups and has a nice ass.

Adelfos [ah-dell-fohs]: Greek word for “brother”.

Aegean “EK” Chronicles [E-jeeuhn kron-i-kuhlz]: Series involving ancient Greek mythological gods finding love and adventure in the modern world.

Agapetos [aw-ga-pay-tos]: Greek name meaning “beloved”.

Ambrosia [am-broh-zhuh]: Nectar of the gods. Used to give mortals immortality. Very painful after drinking. May cause insanity or death.

The Anemoi [a-nem-moy]: Four brothers of the Proklitikos pantheon, assigned to control the four winds. West, East, North and South. Oldest of all Olympians. Zephyrus, Eurus, Boreas and Notus.

Cassandra’s Curse: The ability to speak a truth that no one ever believes.

Daimone Tritones [day-mawn tri-toe-nez]: Elite force of mermen and merwomen who fight under their leader Triton.

Delfini Mesa Pelagos [del-fe-ne meh-sa pel-uh-goz]: Fictional magazine that Taz created to bring Ariadne to Greece. In English it means Dolphins in Open Sea.

Denomination: Specific special powers assigned to the gods. It’s usually connected to either the place where they reside or to their occupation.

Familiar: Animal that is the companion of an immortal. In ancient art, the familiar is usually at the deity’s side.

Ferik: Lieutenant General.

Gamo Afta: Greek term for “fuck them”.

Gigantes [jie-gan-teez]: aka “Gnats” Belonging to the Pelorios (huge) Pantheon, this second generation of immortal giants attack the Olympians at every opportunity. Neither side can defeat each other but the Gigantes are forever trying to battle the Olympians for the three major kingdoms: the sky, the sea and the underworld.

Kakos Gaidaros Athanatos [kay-kos guh-dair-os uh-than-nah-tos]: aka “KGA” Greek for “Bad Ass Immortals”. Olympus’s military commanded by Zephyrus and Eros as second in command.

Magikos [maj-eh-kohs]: Greek word for “magic”.

Merfolk: Society of long-lived men, women and children with the bottom half of their bodies resembling an aquarius animal. They reside in the Aegean Sea in villages surrounding Poseidon’s palace.

Mwalking: The ability to access a beings memories. Can view past scenes through a virtual touchscreen. Video images that float along a large screen that could be navigated through.

Mysa [mee-suh]: My sweet ass.

Olympians [o-lim-pe-uhns]: Fourth generation of immortal Greek deities belonging to the Proklitikos [prahk-lit-te-kos] (provocative) Pantheon.

Μονάχα άρθρο κατάγομαιβαθούλωμα από εισαγωγή θα ξέρω και αγγέλλω: Greek phrase, “Only the descendants of import shall know and announce”.

Oraios Mia [or-ey-os mee-uh]: Greek word for “beautiful one”.

Nereid [neer-e-ahd]: Royal immortal daughters of the sea, usually seen as merfolk.

Pantheon [pan-thee-on]: Group of immortals belonging to a particular domain, e.g. Okeanos (Sea-Poseidon), Aeras (Sky-Zeus), and Choma (Underworld-Hades).

Protogenoi                              Gigantes                     Titans             Olympians

Prota Ap’ola                           Pelorios                       Megalos          Proklitikos

(first of all)                        (huge)                      (big)              (provocative)

Ποσειδῶν, Θάλασσα καὶ πόλεμος καὶ γυνή: Poseidon’s private journal meaning “Poseidon, Sea and War and Woman”. He wrote down important events or anything that got his attention. Was given to Danae and she passed it down to her descendants. It was the catalyst that started the Aegean Chronicles.

Protogenoi [pro-toj-uh-nee]:  Belonging to the Prota Ap’ola (first of all) Pantheon, they are the first generation of primordial Greek gods, the name literally means “first born” or primeval and are a group of deities born in the beginning of the universe. Main characteristics: Extremely tall, dark skin with light green eyes.

Purgatory [purr-guh-tor-e]: A place where the soul remains when it cannot go to Elysium or Tartarus.

Satyrs [sa-tur]: A gang of creatures with the upper body of human, horns, and the lower body of a goat. They are opportunists and mercenaries. If you pay them, they will do whatever you want.

Symbol: Artifact that usually depicts an immortals denomination or powers. In ancient art, the symbol is synonymous with the deity.

The Three Fates: Also called the “Moirae”. Extremely old Greek goddesses who are sisters who color coordinate and control the fate of man. Administers of life, death and the test for immortality.

Titans: Belonging to the Megalos (big) Pantheon, this group of immortal deities is the third generation of all gods and goddesses. The Protogenoi and the Gigantes roamed this universe before them.

Τρίτων, γιος από Ποσειδῶν και Ἀμφιτρίτη, καθοδήγηση πολεμιστής από δαίμων Τρίτωνες: Greek phrase, “Triton…Son of Poseidon and Amphytrite: Commander of Daimone Tritones Warriors”.

Acropolis [uh-krop-uh-lis]: Located in the center of and high above the city of Athens. Upon this giant rock sits some of Greece’s most famous archeological remains. To name a few, The Parthenon, a small temple of Athena Nike and the Theatre of Dionysus have survived complete destruction these past centuries.

Aegean Sea [e-jeeuhn See]: Blue-green body of seawater located in the Mediterranean and is the home of the Olympian Oceanic Pantheon e.g., Poseidon, Triton and George.

Argos [r-gohs]: Home of Acrisius, king of Argos, a major municipality within the Peloponnese Periphery of Greece.

Arena District: Section of town located in Columbus, Ohio, where college students, riff raff and partiers hang out.

Athens [ath-enz]: Capital and largest city in Greece.

Cape Sounion [soo-nee-uhn]: “Cape of Columns” located in the southernmost tip of Athens surrounded by the Aegean on three sides, is the site of the temple ruin of Poseidon.

Columbus, Ohio: Home of Ariadne and her friends. Located in the United States.

Elysium [ih-lizh-ee-uhm]: Heaven.

Hocking Hills: State park located south of Columbus where one could go horseback riding, canoeing, rent cabins, hiking and nature walking. Great place for taking photographs of nature.

Kea [key-uh]: Island located in the Aegean and is part of the Cyclades island group.

Kythnos [kith-nohs]: Greek island of the Aegean. Located in the western part of the Cyclades.

Litochoro [lee-toe-chor-o]: Village located at the base of Mount Olympus which the locals call “Gateway to the Home of the Gods”.

Mount Aenos [e-nohs] on Kefelonia [keh-feh-lohn-e-uh]: Home of Zephyrus “Zeke”. Mountain located on the island of Kefelonia.

Mount Olympus [o-lim-puhs]: Home of the King of the gods, Zeus. Homeless shelter for other deities and squatters.

Old Man’s Cave: A rocky gorge with a waterfall and caves located at Hocking Hills.

Orca Den: Triton “Taz” playroom for him and his friends.

Parthenon [pahr-thuh-nohn]: Temple located on the Acropolis in Athens, Greece. Dedicated to the goddess Athena.

Pyrgos [pur-gohs]: Abandoned village on the island of Seriphos. Home of Psyche, Danae and Perseus.

River Styx [stix]: Ancient River that separates the mortal world from the Underworld.

Seriphos [sair-reh-fuhs]: Home of Acrisius and princess Psyche also refuge for Danae and her son Perseus. Located in the Aegean Sea.

Tartarus: Hell.

Thermopylae [thur-mop-uh-lee]: aka “The Hot Gates” Home of Eros “Erok”. Site of the famous war between King Leonidas of Sparta and Xerxes of Persia. Eros lives by himself and rarely has much company.

Underworld: Territory made up of two sections where all souls travel after death, Elysium (heaven) and the Tartarus (hell).

Alonzonikos [uh-lahn-zoh-ne-kohs]: aka “Lonzo” King of the Heavens Zeus’s immortal familiar. A magnificent, intelligent male bald eagle who hates Zephyrus and a little stuck up. 150 lbs.

Cerberus [sur-bur-uhs]: Ruler of the Underworld Hade’s immortal familiar. A black three-headed male hound of hell that protects the gates of Tartarus from intruders when he’s not traveling with his king. 700 lbs.

Geraki [jair-ahk-ee]: aka “Gerry”  Gail’s immortal familiar. He’s a blue-gray male peregrine falcon that travels with her everywhere. 15 lbs.

Guardians of Greece: Several breed of canines that inhabit the cities and islands of Greece. They have no clear masters and seem to look out for and escort tourists and small children as they walk through historical sites.

Koosa [ku-suh]: Stuffed tan wrinkled toy dog that belongs to Sindi.

Koukoubagia [ku-ku-bah-je-uh]: aka “Koo-Koo” Athena’s immortal familiar. A female gray and white wizened and very cranky owl.

Mr. Pogo: Ariadne’s immortal familiar. He’s a male black pug that transforms into a mer-pug with a blue tail when he’s home in the sea. 20lbs.

Shep: Stuffed toy black cat that belongs to Sindi.

Sir Mumbles: Sindi’s immortal familiar. He’s a stuffed black and white striped tiger that becomes a b/w striped tabby cat, whenever he is home. 35lbs.

Thalogo [thah-lah-go]: Lord of the Sea Poseidon’s immortal familiar. A giant silver and sapphire male sea-horse who doesn’t need to be in water to remain upright and follows his king wherever he goes unless it was to the mortal world. 600 lbs.

The Cuteness: Stuffed toy green frog sporting a golden crown that belongs to Sindi.

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