Introducing....Stefania Mattana!

Reyna: Today, we’re very happy to speak with Stefania Mattana, author of The Chase Williams murder mystery series.
Please, give our reader’s a bit about who you are…your personality.
Stefania: I’m an unforgivable snooper, that’s why I write mystery and detective novels. I’m generally a happy person who loves to do sports and reading. Since my dog can’t live with me anymore I have developed a stalking attitude for dogs since then, but I can assure you I don’t harm!

Reyna: Can you tell us something a little more personal? Like…what’s your guilty pleasure?
Stefania: The many years of sports semipro activity pushed me to eat clean every day. But I can’t resist marsh mellows.

Reyna: If you could live anywhere, where would it be?
Stefania: I already live where I’d liked to live, London. I moved 3 years ago from Italy and it’s been one of the best choice of my life.

Reyna: Out of all your characters, which one would you take with you?
Stefania: Not sure if I can choose between Chase Williams and Inspector Angelo Alunni. They’re so different but complete each other. Chase hides more dark secrets so probably he’s the most tangling one.

Reyna: Bear with me, if you could live in the world you created, would you?
Stefania: Trust me, I lived 3 years in Tursenia and deep inside it’s not an easy city where to live. Apparently it looks so peaceful and nice, but all that glitters ain’t gold.
Reyna: Sounds intriguing!

Reyna: When and why did you start on the path to become an author?
Stefania: My father loves to tell this story to anyone who meets. When I was 3 I was gifted with a thick Perrault’s stories book. One day I took a pencil and started scribbling on it. Once asked, I proudly stated I was editing the end of Little Red Riding Hood. In my twisted version, Riding Hood butchered the wolf from the inside and ate it. I think that’s the beginning of my writer career, isn’t it?
Reyna: That poor wolf, lol!

Reyna: Do you read books that are the same genre as your work?
Stefania: Definitely. But not when I’m writing myself since plagiarism is around the corner even if you don’t intend to. I use the reading time when I write my stuff to focus on non-fiction and marketing books instead.

Reyna: Who do you write for? The audience or yourself?
Stefania: I write because I want to share what I have in my mind which is worth telling. So I guess it’s for the audience.

Reyna: In The Chase Williams murder mystery series, who is your favorite? How and why did you create them?
Stefania: If I have to choose a character who is not the main one (Chase) or his right hand (Angelo), I’d go for forensics expert Matteo Cangi and Chase’s neighbour Giulia with her dog Luciano. They all remind me people I do love in my real life and I thought it’d be cool to bring a bit of true humanity in a fictional world.

Reyna: Who would you compare Chase with?
Stefania: Probably with the screwed up version of Inspector Maigret. Chase looks to me more like a young George Simenon himself to be honest with you.

Reyna: If Chase was a real person, would you hang out with them?
Stefania: Chase is not an easy person because of his temper and what happened to him in his previous life in London. People can carry deep scars that need to be healed with patience and care. I don’t think I’d have those skills with him, also because I have a strong personality too and we would end up fighting all the time.
Reyna: 🙂

Reyna: Are you totally separated from your characters or is there a bit of you inside?
Stefania: There’s a bit of me in any of my main and recurrent characters.

Reyna: Can we have a short blurb about Pull the Trigger?
Stefania: Somebody is aiming young Olympic athletes in the mountains surrounding Tursenia, Italy. Two cyclists have been shot to death and a young shooter died too. Who’s behind this double murder case? Chase’s been called out by his friend Inspector Alunni to solve this mastermind. Resentments, greediness and competition level up the case, and Chase will be forced to tackle dark ghosts of his past life back in London. This is a crime story with mystery and suspense for readers of any age.

Reyna: What books, movie or play inspired you?
Stefania: I love every single word written by Agatha Christie and George Simenon.

Reyna: What is the hardest part to being an author?
Stefania: Probably finding the time to write down all the plots and the ideas that crowd in my mind. Real life can be more busy and demanding than any police station!

Reyna: What’s your technique? Plan it out or make it up as you go?
Stefania: I carefully plan every detail of my stories. No stone can be left unturned when it’s about a crime story.

Reyna: If you could, what part of the publishing process would you tell to go to Hades?
Stefania: Probably the formatting process of the ebooks and books. I do enjoy everything else of being an independent author.

Reyna: Who are your two most favorite authors? And why?
Stefania: I have so many fav authors that I cannot pick one and leave the others without a mention!

Reyna: What are your thoughts on good & bad reviews? Do you learn from them, take with a grain of salt…or, a little bit of both?
Stefania: I reckon that who thinks of being appreciated at 100% is a fool. People can like or dislike you, as anything in the world. It doesn’t matter how cool you are as a storyteller, at some point you’ll stumble upon in a bad review. I’m OK with a bad review as long as it’s not offensive.

Reyna: We love your book cover. Who made the design?
Stefania: Thanks, they’re cool indeed. They’re made by a young talented designer from Tursenia, Alessandro Burelli

Reyna: For newbie writers, what advice would you give them?
Stefania: Read other authors, write your stuff, edit it, repeat.

Reyna: Your answers are so awesome, we love you! (Too personal? Sorry about that.) Well…you gave a great interview. How can our readers get in touch with you and see what else you have in store?

Reyna: Stef, thank you so much for taking the time to come over and talk with us. You have just saved my job and I am eternally grateful.

Reyna: In conclusion: Please check out The Chase Williams murder mystery series by Stefania Mattana and let us know what you think.
We pick another good one or what?

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